summer is coming…

>It is with great joy that I write the following…there are only 18 SCHOOL DAYS until summer!!! I love to teach and I love the students I have this year, but man, I’m ready for it to be summer! I cannot believe all of the stuff I need to do within the next 18 days (well, that they have to do and I have to grade :)) but I am so thankful summer is almost here! I’ve been getting more and more excited to have a chance to finally relax and read and sleep in…joy!


Interesting, slightly creepy novel (Never Let You Go – Erin Healy)

>Okay, I must admit…after hearing about spiritual warfare for the first time about six years ago while living in Spain, I freaked out. I didn’t sleep for two nights; instead, I laid awake in my tiny apartment just waiting for morning to come. I said “Jesus, I’m yours” over and over again, in the hopes that would preserve me, that it would take away my fear and shine light into my heart and onto my fear. With all of that said, I watched Never Let You Go by Erin Healy just watch me from the table for over a week before finally opening it up. Three and a half hours later, when I closed the book and sighed, I was left with two distinct feelings: 1. spiritual warfare still freaks me out, and 2. that was one strange book!

In general, I really liked the story of Lexi and her daughter, Molly, and their adventures. I was often confused by Lexi’s seemingly strange reactions to some of the conflicts, and by the end I just wanted it to be done! The strange events and occurrences, while they all made sense in the end, were confusing and seemed to be unexplained. All in all, I appreciated getting to think through some new concepts regarding spiritual warfare and the way I live. Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for the free book in exchange for a review.

Challenging, but good read (Plan B – Pete Wilson)

>I am not typically a fan of what I perceive to be “self-help” books…I find them somewhat cheesy, and I always feel they are “talking down” to the reader. I was somewhat hesitant to review Plan B by Pete Wilson because of this; however, I am so thankful I did. I was impressed by Wilson’s insight into hard times. He did not minimize any challenging situation — instead, he took the time to connect a story from the Bible to the pain and suffering we feel in this life.

I appreciated his candor and his own questioning. It led me to feel as if he was actually searching with me for the answers. I did not feel he was talking down to his audience, shedding his wisdom on his poor, helpless readers, but rather, felt as if he was honestly sharing the information he felt led to.

As a teacher in California in the age of rampant pink-slipping, I have felt confused and misled…had I been hearing God wrong? To borrow the tagline from the book, what do I do when God doesn’t show up the way I thought he would? This book, while I wouldn’t necessarily call it “life-changing,” provided a new way for me to experience God and his plan for me, through a plan B that God has, in all honesty, really been preparing me for. Thank you, Pete Wilson (and Thomas Nelson Publishing) for this book with incredible insights into human nature, and more importantly, the faithfulness of God’s nature.