Cheesy fiction at its best (Greater Love – Robert Whitlow)

>Greater Love, the third novel in the Tides of Truth series by Robert Whitlow, shares the story of Tami, a new lawyer learning the ropes of the Savannah law scene. She is handed the case of Jessie, a teenage runaway with more than just the petty theft charges going on. As Tami delves into Jessie’s case, she learns more about herself, God, Jessie, her friends, and life.

I was intrigued by the first chapter of Greater Love. Jessie’s story grabbed me and I wanted to know what was going to happen to her and who she was going to encounter as she made her way through life. My heart dropped as I got to the second chapter and Tami and her family were introduced to the reader. I cringed at the cliched descriptions of the family. I knew before Whitlow even mentioned it that Tami was sure to have been homeschooled and could only “court” with her parents’ permission. While I do not have much experience with homeschooling, I did not like the stereotypical portrayal of a devout fundamentalist homeschooling family. Tami’s romantic encounters with Zach and Vince were, at best, boring and predictable.

While I enjoy legal fiction, I was disappointed that the legal world took a back burner to Tami’s boooring romantic confusion. I wanted her to use her own brain to think with, and not just take her parents’ decrees brainlessly. There were a few times I had to put the book down and come back to it the next day because I was so turned off by Tami’s “yes ma’am” and “no, sir” with her parents.

At the end of the novel, I was happy to see all of the loose ends tied up, but it was a struggle to get through. Thank you to Thomas Nelson publishing (BookSneeze) for providing this book free of charge to me to review.

Your thoughts?

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