Interesting biographical subject, not so interesting writing (Jane Austen – Peter Leithart)

>In all honesty, I am not a big biography fan. So, when Jane Austen by Peter Leithart showed up as my next book from Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program (thank you, by the way), I was a little bummed. Although I am a big Jane Austen fan (my 19th century Brit Lit class was one of my favorites at college), I was not particularly interested in her life. I had essays to grade, lesson plans to prepare, books to read, and life to live…and Jane was not high on my priority list.

However…as I read more and more, the more intrigued I was with not only the life Jane led, but also Leithart’s writing. Rather than a boring, play by play retelling of Austen’s life, I found an interesting and attention-grabbing look at a fascinating woman. I must admit it took me until about a third of the way through before I really jumped into the text. Many interesting facts about Austen’s life.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson for this book! I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.